The Latest Social Media Updates for October 2023

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LinkedIn: Draft With AI


The ‘draft with AI’ feature on LinkedIn has now been fully released to all users in the UK. Although it’s still in Beta, the new feature requires around 30 words and a minute (or two) to then generate the post. My take is that now more than ever social media needs authenticity, especially when you’re looking to get a certain tone of voice or set of expertise across to your audience. I’m not sure about anyone else but when I can see the obvious use of AI it can actually put me off a service or product.

Meta AI Chatbots

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Following the trend of AI, Meta has launched their new chatbots with “personality” in their messenger app. This marks the latest move in the ongoing competition among tech companies to develop more precise and personalised artificial intelligence through chatbots. There will be “a lot of limitations” around what the bots can answer and will only be available in the US initially.

Instagram Is Testing Longer Reels

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Will long form content become top dog again? App researcher Alessandro Palazzi has discovered some internal tests on longer videos (up to 10 minutes) within Instagram. This news follows the longer video option rolled out on TikTok last year and the abandoned IGTV feature which was removed in February 2023.

Instagram Broadcast Channels

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After being announced in February, Instagram Broadcast Channels have finally released in the United Kingdom at the end of September. Meta describes them as “a public, one-to-many messaging tool for creators to invite all of their followers into and engage with their most interested fans.”

Threads: A Viable Platform Yet?

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In short, not yet. Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram has said about Threads “Overall [it is doing] good, a lot of people use it, but they don’t use it as frequently as we would like. There are some people who use it a ton, and some people who use it in a very, very lightweight way, so lots of work to improve.”

Key Takeaways

In conclusion, the social media landscape is undergoing significant transformations. The emergence of AI-driven content generation on LinkedIn and Meta’s introduction of chatbots with distinct personalities exemplify this evolution. Instagram’s experimentation with longer Reels suggests a shift towards more extended and diverse content formats, potentially reshaping user engagement. The recent UK launch of Instagram Broadcast Channels provides content creators with a new avenue to connect with their audience on a broader scale. Nonetheless, Threads, while showing promise, is in need of further development to establish itself as a truly viable social platform. These updates underscore the dynamic nature of the digital sphere, with innovations and trends continually shaping the way we engage with social media.

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