Social Media Updates for December 2023 | The Update.

🗞️ Welcome to the January edition of The Update. 

💡 So, here are some of the key social media updates for December 2023:

Creation tools for reels and stories

Creation tools for reels and stories

This month, Meta announced new creation tools for users to help make the editing process for reels and stories easier and expand the editing possibilities with the Instagram app. One of the features their adding is text to speech. This is a feature TikTok users will be familiar with. You’ll also be able to preview your drafts, rename them, and schedule them in advance. I think this could make the reels process a lot simpler and more accessible for creators posting from their mobile device and is going to further level the playing field between TikTok and Instagram reels.

LinkedIn to remove carousels and embedded links this month

LinkedIn to remove carousels and embedded links

If you have previously used the carousel feature on LinkedIn or have used images to embed links in your posts, get ready for them to be deleted! Not only is LinkedIn removing the feature, but they are also deleting any pasts posts using them. It’s worth noting for the embedded links, the image itself won’t be deleted, the link just won’t work anymore. The carousel feature seemed pretty popular on LinkedIn for a time so I think it is a shame that this past content will be deleted.

YouTube AI Tools

YouTube AI tools, social media updates for December 2023

Another update that affects short form content. YouTube are testing a new AI tool that will allow creators to generate custom backgrounds for there short videos, using a prompt. This feature will be called ‘Dream Screen’. Dates are vague but it seems that the rollout of this feature will happen in 2024. This shows short form content is getting more credit with each quarter, so if you played around with short form content, now’s the time! This could be lots of fun for creators and open up new opportunities.

TikTok creative cards

TikTok creative cards

TikTok has launched a new feature for businesses, which allows creators to shuffle through cards of video idea prompts. These prompts are database and there are more than a 100 of them. This is definitely a fun idea, as the rollout continues it will be interesting to see how useful these actually are and whether they contribute to trends. The prompts even include examples and are reflective of your community growth.

Embedding videos in X

Embedding videos in X

If you post video content on X, you will now have the option to embed the video separate from the rest of the post. Previously, Twitter had this function but they later removed it because it effected brand exposure. It will be interesting to see if it sticks this time!


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