Social Media Updates for January 2024 | The Update.

🗞️ Welcome to the January edition of The Update.

💡 So, here are some of the key social media updates in the last month:

Facebook and IG Reels Outperform TikTok Clips in Driving Views

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An analysis from Emplifi has found that Reels comes out on top in terms of driving views in comparison to TikTok. Most people seem to think that TikTok is the most popular platform for posting short form content, but evidently not! If you don’t already it is definitely time to start incorporating reels into your short form content strategy some content coming soon. My advice is always to look at how you can maximise value from any content you’re producing.

LinkedIn Newsletter Updates

LinkedIn has added some new newsletter features. There are added analytics-like performance notes and new demographic insights. You can also create a new newsletter based on a previous format.

X’s web traffic is rising

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After some pretty negative reports this year, things may be starting to look up for the platform. However, there is some speculation on the validity of this as the figures Musk refers to compare Instagram and X’s web traffic only. This doesn’t consider in-app usage. In my opinion, things are still looking rocky for X and I still would have it near the bottom of my list of platforms to consider using.

TikTok in app spending

TikTok’s in-app spending is continuing to rise now crossing $10 Billion in cumulative consumer spending. This further proves the platform is transcending its original purpose and is already a major player in the e-commerce space. 2023 ended with it finally being considered as a search platform and a profitable marketplace.

Instagram’s new story features

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Instagram has now added the capacity for creators to make their own custom ‘Add Yours’ templates in the app. This is a great way to spark engagement and interact with trends. Personally, I have seen quite a few of these on my own feed so it will be interesting to see if people stay interested in this feature.


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